Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Braun Family Tree; Chapter One (Introductions)

Hello! My name is Landon Timothy Braun, and I am a young adult Sim (barely!). This is me holding my son, Greyson Michael Braun. I am currently single, but I am looking forward to settling down with someone I love soon.

Greyson and I moved into a half-way home in Sunset Valley just a couple weeks ago. I just had enough money to pay for this house, furnishings and all. I still had to make a few adjustments, considering our needs.

The reason why I moved out of my parent's house so soon are very complicated. I was saving up to move out as soon as possible anyways, because I was just a teenager with a baby and I didn't want my parents to have to worry about both my son and I. After all, he was my son. I planned that as soon as I turned 18 I would move into a small apartment in Bridgeveiw, where I lived at the time. Well, a couple days short of my eighteenth birthday, my parents' where brutally murdered while walking home from a party they were at. It tore me a part. I stayed with my grandmother for awhile, but I knew I couldn't stay there for long. I waited until I graduated high school before I told her I was moving to Sunset Valley. The reasons for this were because it was much cheaper to move into a small house in Sunset Valley than it was to move into a even smaller apartment in Bridgeview. She was sad to see me go, but she knew it was the right thing to do.

Almost as soon as we were both settled in, I called the babysitter. It was time for me to get a part-time job. I knew that I would never be able to get a regular job unless I got a roommate or got married because I would have no one to watch Greyson. I was going to apply to get a job at the bookstore, which would give me exposure to new people that I probably wouldn't have met before.

I knew that moving into this new place was going to be hard on us, but I think its all going to be worth it in the end.

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