Saturday, October 15, 2011

NEW SIMS 3 PRETTACY! (The Braun Family Tree)

I have decided to start my very first Sim legacy.

Well, my first two Sim legacies. This prettacy is one of two that I am going to write.

I have changed up the basic rules of a Prettacy, because I don't want to be the exact same as some other Prettacies. For the heir, I am always going to have someone who is "pretty" (I think I am going to have polls for who is going to be the heir at the end of each generation) and I am going to try to make their spouse a Sim who isn't necessarily attractive, and try to make pretty babies, to make the next heir!

Get the idea? I simply named this Prettacy "The Braun Family Tree" for now, once I get writing I would love it if you guys would come up with better titles, or I might just stick with this one, its just simple.

I know you guys must be getting excited to get a sneak peek on who the heir is going to be. Well, you're in luck! I have the very first picture of generation one's heir! The first pretty heir is....

This handsome guy! His name is Landon Braun, and he is holding his son, Greyson Braun. I can't wait to start writing their story! I hope you will follow along. (:



PS. I'm not sure how many generations I am going to continue this on for, but I think at least ten. Maybe more if this go's good!

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